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Massachusetts loses population – again

A couple of days ago, I posted an entry about the state (Commonwealth?) of Massachusetts, and how it had lost population over the past couple of years.

It’s happened, again.  Population in Massachusetts fell from 6,407,382 to 6,398,743 between June 1, 2004 and June 1, 2005, according to the US Census Bureau, a loss of 0.13%.  The data was not broken down by age, sex, or income.

One piece of good news – no longer is Massachusetts the only state to lose population.  In addition, Washington DC (not a state?) lost people, as did Rhode Island and New York.

States with the biggest gains? 

In percent change (not raw numbers): Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, Florida, and Utah. 

In raw numbers, Florida gained 400,000 people, followed closely by Texas with 388,000, then California, Arizona, and Georgia.

Fascinating data, from which you can draw no conclusions.

US Census Bureau Press Release, 12/22/05: Nevada Edges Out Arizona as the Fastest-Growing State

2 Responses to Massachusetts loses population – again

  • I’m convinced that every single person that left

    Massachusetts moved here! (Phoenix, Arizona) Sure it’s spectacular right now (supposed to

    get to 80 degrees today), but what do these transplants do when it’s 118 degrees outside??

    (probably the same thing we all do, crank down the A/C, accept our $400 electric

    bills and only go out at 10:00pm when it’s cooled down to 105.)

    Like your


  • Florida.

    Could not take mass any

    longer. Just closed on a beatifull condo in West Palm, will be putting the house in Boston for sale

    this spring.

    Go ahead, elect menino the dumbass few more times, see if anyone

    stays in this state.