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Big changes in store for Tremont Street?

Big changes may be in store for Tremont Street, in Boston’s South End.

Rumor on the street is that major sales are underway.

Last year, the owner of several buildings, Eloy Sierra, passed away. His daughter took control of the family’s real estate business.

She is now liquidating the majority (if not all) of their holdings.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s going on, according to the public record, the local listings service, and public knowledge.

* 661 Tremont, apartment complex, not listed for sale, owner: Eloy Sierra (deceased)
* 659 Tremont, apartment complex, under agreement, owner: Eloy Sierra (deceased)
* 655-657 Tremont, apartment complex, under agreement, owner: Eloy Sierra (deceased), Lsdr Realty (Sierra Family Trust)
* 653 Tremont, Does Not Exist
* 651 Tremont, Does Not Exist
* 647 Tremont, Tremont 647 (street), owner: Mario Nicosia and/or Andrew Husbands
* 645 Tremont, Sister Sorrel, condos, owner #1: Andy Husbands
* 643 Tremont, Sierra Hair Salon (street), under agreement, owner: Launica (Eloy Sierra, President, deceased)
* 641 Tremont, Sierra Travel (street), under agreement, owner: Launica (Eloy Sierra, President, deceased)
* 639 Tremont, Nicole’s (street), not listed for sale, owner: Lsdr Realty (Sierra Family Trust, Eloy Sierra, President, deceased)
* 637 Tremont, Frame Shop, was for sale, now withdrawn, owner: David Candeias
* 635 Tremont, Og Lim (street), condos
* 633 Tremont, CBRB (street), owner: Keith Gordon
* 631 Tremont, RE/MAX (street), owner: Lynn Hartness
* 629 Tremont, Corner Variety (street), owner: Ju Fong
* 627 Tremont, Starbucks (street), owner: Peter Shamatta

Who is the buyer? One person / company? Many?

… to be continued …

(Regarding the owner, Eloy Sierra – I don’t know if he is related to the “Eloy Sierra”, a young man from Randolph who admitted guilt in the cold-blooded murder of a South End teen, which occurred in June, 2006, and who is now serving a 20-year sentence for the crime (20 years???).)

6 Responses to Big changes in store for Tremont Street?

  • Eloy Sr. was the grandfather of the boy that committed murder. I will say that having lived in the SE for 20 years, Eloy Sr. was a great and friendly man. I always enjoyed saying hello to him. The buildings were not well maintained but he was a fixture of the South End.

  • It was only during my research on the ownership that I came across his name. I’m surprised I hadn’t heard it mentioned, before … having lived in the South End for fifteen years.

  • If those buildings along that block and a half (from around Sarni to Starbucks, correct?), that would be a good thing. But the City ought to do what it can to ensure some affordability remains there.

  • There is too much low income in the south end already. I overheard a woman bragging about how large her apartment in that part of Tremont st was, and for $80 a month. That’s less that $3 dollars a day. She was in her thirties and certainly looked like she coluld work. Probably pumps out babies as needed. She wasn’t even born in this country.

  • Well, that was kind of mean-spirited.

  • I will love to comunicated my self with aida I was one of her workers please email me and let me know a number that I could reach her