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Boston foreclosure deeds, January, 2008

mapCurious as to where all the foreclosure activity happened in January?

Here is a map of all deeds filed at the Suffolk County Registry, from January 1 – January 31, 2008, broken down by address.

Boston, MA foreclosure deeds, by address, January, 2008

(And, yes, this did take a lot of work.)

12 Responses to Boston foreclosure deeds, January, 2008

  • Nice work….

  • Well done.

    Your Boston foreclosure map also seems to match up with this Boston Police Department map from 2005:

  • Nice work, very informative!

    Is it really true that there were no foreclosures in Allston-Brighton in January 2008?

  • Michael, I only know what the Suffolk Deeds site has listed, and it didn’t have any foreclosure deeds filed for Allston or Brighton, for January.

    Most of their records include a neighborhood – Dorchester, South Boston, Roslindale, etc. Some just say “Boston”. I had to guess ZIP codes on some; the site doesn’t include that information. I used 02124 for all Dorchester ZIPs, but Google Maps seems to have correctly displayed them, regardless.

    And, I should reiterate – these are foreclosure “deeds” – when the property has been taken over by the bank. In lender nomenclature, “foreclosures” also include any property where the bank sent out a notice saying you are past due on your payments. “Foreclosure” is an all-inclusive term.

    I don’t know why everyone uses the term interchangeably.

  • Good work. Johnny your tech skills are getting better everyday…nothing surprises me anymore!

    Loving the fact that there are what – 3-5 foreclosures downtown Boston….insulated market!

  • Indeed it is Anthony! A fact that I have been hammering on time and time again. The city center market is immune! These foreclosures are fantastic news for us. Recessions, real estate downturns, these are inventions of the hyperbolic press. Not something we have to worry about in Blue Chip Boston! Properties in the Golden Triangle are flying off the shelves already and it’s not even March yet!! Would it be a jinx to predict that 2008 will be the biggest year ever in the downtown market? The Bryant is coming online, the lofts on Columbus are selling out, multi-multi-million dollar resales at the Oriental *already* and it’s not even open yet! My lord can it get any better??? Congratulations all!!!

  • you need to check registered land for foreclosure deeds at as well. It seems like you’re missing some data. There are only seven foreclosures in registered land for Suffolk county in your time frame, as registered land is a very small set compared to recorded land. I’ve been looking to programmaticly get data from masslandrecords to post to a site through the google maps api, but I’m lazy and in school/working full time. Anyways the deeds missed for Boston are:

  • Does any of this translate to a good buy for me? I’m relocating to Boston from OKC and in a bit of shock over the prices/square foot. Help!

  • There are too many variables to answer your question in this format, DSR. Are you moving into the city of Boston, or into Boston / suburbs? Looking for a condo or house? What are your plans, will you be here awhile? Are you moving alone or with family?

    Is there a reason you feel compelled to buy, right away? Have you considered holding off and renting until you get here and see what neighborhoods and areas you might like? Can you wait three-to-six months to let some of the market uncertainty work itself out?

    Many people are happy to be buying, these days. But, only someone who is well-versed on buying in Boston should take the plunge.

  • John interesting how the Boston market differs so much from the rest of the outlying areas towards the rte 495 belt. You guys sure do seem insulated from the rest of us in terms of the downturn.

  • yes…I’m agree with you….this did take a lot of work….anyway…it’s a very nice information…thanks for sharing it…