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MLS – Back Bay Condo Sales Data

The following information is from MLS based on the last 6 months.

Number of Back Bay condos sold – 100

Avg. asking price for a Back Bay condo – $1,302,080.00

Avg. selling price for a Back Bay condo – $1,216,906.00

2 Responses to MLS – Back Bay Condo Sales Data

  • Does the average asking price include all Back Bay condos that were listed for the last 6 months or only those sold? Presumably the $1.686M average asking price that you quoted in a previous quote is for Back Bay condos currently on the market. So there is a $470K spread right now between the average asking price and the average selling price.

  • Anon, the avg. asking price was based on Back Bay sold condos not all Back Bay condos.