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Report: ‘Healthy’ real estate sales up in Boston

The Boston Business Journal reports on the most recent data compiled by CoreLogic on the local residential real estate market. Year over year for December 2010, CoreLogic reports that in the Boston-Quincy metro area, values were up 6.16 percent. For the 2010 up to Nov. 30, values over all in this area were up 4.65 percent. The BBJ also notes most of these gains were in “healthy sales” — not distressed property or short sale scenarios. This fits with a lot of anecdotal evidence that there is a lot of stubborn resiliency to sale prices in our market. One explanation could be that for “healthy sales” we’re still talking about the higher end of the market, where there’s been more activity than in the mid and lower priced sales.

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3 Responses to Report: ‘Healthy’ real estate sales up in Boston

  • John, you make me laugh…Most of your blogs are very carefulyl written, but in the end, you know Boston Luxury condo prices are going down… I do to. John, you’re are very…fill in the blank…John I’m calling you out! Make a prediction on the Boston luxury condo market?

  • Hey loudmouth, what is your point? John didn’t make a prediction in this post. He cited data as reported in the BBJ. In a recent post about Back Bay he noted publicly available data about prices rising last year. That’s called a fact by most people. John isn’t going around predicting luxury prices are rising across the board (and I can’t think of when he has in recent memory). But a lot of people suffer from poor reading comprehension. Maybe you should read more slowly — you know, more at your speed. Trying moving your lips when you read.

  • Thanks Milkman for your comment. In repsonse to “Tell the truth John” I’ll write a blog post on my thoughts on the Boston luxury condo market, but on my timeframe, not yours.