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Boston Courant: Bay Village upset with the W Boston

The Boston Courant has an article today on how the developer of the W Boston luxury condos allegedly reneged on a promise to provide brick sidewalks and historic street-lamps along Warrenton Street and Charles Street South in the Bay Village. The promise was made in exchange for the Bay Village neighborhood association agreeing (back in 2001) to drop its opposition to the 28-story tower.

End result: the BRA signed off on the occupancy and any incentive for the Sawyer Enterprises to fulfill their alleged contract is going to be an uphill battle for the Bay Village neighborhood association. The article also mentioned that others claim that improvements were made and their contractual obligations were met.

File Under: Let’s be good neighbors

Source: Boston Courant (Sorry no link).

ps – The article also mentioned the sale of the hotel portion of the W Boston. The proceeds will reduce the debt held by Prudential Insurance, the projects largest lender, to $50 million dollars. The sale of the remaining condos should bring in another $90 million, enough to cover the Prudential’s remaining debt and the remaining debt on Boston’s 10.5 million loan.

2 Responses to Boston Courant: Bay Village upset with the W Boston

  • Huh? The loan from the City of Boston was for the hotel and not the condos. Now that the hotel has been sold, shouldn’t the Boston loan be paid back immediately? Or did the City do a loan with loopholes?

  • Does the Boston Courant at least have an e-mail address? There are issues with the paper that they need to know.

    Please send me the e-mail if you can.