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What’s your view of views? Depends on your view

Here’s a depressing story on how difficult it is to get developments through Boston’s (and the state’s) tortuous zoning, legal and building-permit stages.

It’s technically a classic NIMBY tale, but recent court decisions now make a proposed South Boston housing/art studio project a possible test case on whether building opponents can sue, at any time, to stop developments if projects wreck their views in any way. They’re now called “view-based” legal arguments.

Well, our view is that nothing will ever get built if projects can be nixed exclusively on “view-based” grounds.

But what’s your view of views and view-based arguments?

One Response to What’s your view of views? Depends on your view

  • Utter BS.

    You have no right to the air above a project, unless you own that land.

    Boston needs to focus more on zoning and development, and less on NIMBYism and political back patting (and padding)