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Boston condos under agreement September 2011

Boston condos placed under agreement in the month of September for selected neighborhoods:

Back Bay condos under agreement – 28

Back Bay condos that sold in September – 33


Beacon Hill condos under agreement – 11

Beacon Hill condos that sold in September – 8


Boston Charlestown condos under agreement Р9

Boston Charlestown condos that sold in September – 16


Boston Common condos/Midtown under agreement – 1

Boston Common condos/Midtown sold – 9


North End condos under agreement – 1

North End condo sold – 4


Seaport District condo under agreement – 3

Seaport District condos sold – 4


South End condo under agreement for Sept – 26

South End condos sold in the month of Sept – 50

*Please note I didn’t include off-market stats, thus the under agreements may be higher than indicated in this blog post.

Something doesn’t feel right about these Boston condo stat numbers, I’ll double check them after my showings.

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