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City approves new Seaport apartment complex

The BRA late Thursday OK’d construction of a new 197-unit apartment development in the Seaport District, next to the convention center at 411 D Street.

There are now 1,500 new apartment units slated to be built in the district — and we assume more are on the way. The city needs the apartments. So this is obviously great news.

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3 Responses to City approves new Seaport apartment complex

  • Yes, the city needs apartments. But are they going to go filled when they’re $2700 for 500 sqft? They’re being billed as luxury, are they not?

    Meanwhile wages have taken hits from the great recession.

    Legitimate question, how is Boston (or MA for that part) going to keep it’s newley graduated populations from leaving the state?

    I was just informed that from an old friend that singe apartments in Hadley MA are now going for $750 a month!

    Seems to me there’s huge demand in this state, but government barriers and plutocratic, privileged developers are keeping supplies down and expensive.

    So, whats the end game for the state when the boomers boom dies off?

  • Funny – Bravo!

  • The population is growing, most everywhere. The cost of transportation and living is growing, most everywhere. People want to live closer to the cities because while jobs have taken a hit from the “great recession” cities still offer the most opportunity to find a job, in the smallest square area. While you might pay more to live in the city, you might also take advantage of public transportation or the other conveniences cities offer. You will also save time. If you have ever had to commute into Boston on I93, you know what I mean.

    Massachusetts is known for a lot of top notch schools and hospitals. Mainly in the Boston Metro area. If Massachusetts is going to keep out of state graduates from going home or elsewhere, (and you can bet they want to, because college graduates tend to earn higher paying salaries on average – which would mean more tax revenue for the state nicknamed “Taxachusetts”), they are going to have to make attractive housing. What is atrractive housing to the twenty something or early thirty something population in 2013? Modern (New), Energetic (densely populated-ProposedSeaport), Convenient (I90, I93, Logan Airport), well-priced. There’s no doubt the New Seaport fits the first 3 criteria, but price is where I’m skeptical. There’s no doubt the value will rise with time, and it will be a great investment. The affordability for late or early 30 year olds — could be a problem for the average couple. With more development, there will be more supply. If the demand doesn’t keep up, we could all find ourselves a great value for an investment property. if the demand does keep up, which I think it will due to all Boston has to offer, and the mere fact that every year there is another class of freshman moving into the dorms, and another gradutating class of alumni looking for a place to live.