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‘Unimpeachable signs that this national nightmare is now over’

What national nightmare? Laverne & Shirley reruns? Boiled spare ribs? What?

Wait, it’s the housing slump nightmare that’s now allegedly and unimpeachably over.

OK, we can live with that, though the only thing worse than Laverne & Shirley reruns and boiled spare ribs is watching Laverne & Shirley reruns while eating boiled spare ribs. And if you don’t agree with us about the nightmare of boiled spare ribs, take a gander at this photo.

Btw: You may have noticed we’re trying to put more photos and charts on Boston Real Estate Blog. But we’re drawing the line at posting photos of boiling spared ribs. It’s too … frightening.

One Response to ‘Unimpeachable signs that this national nightmare is now over’

  • Thank you for correctly identifying boiled spare ribs as one of the countrys’s most enduring and truly frightening nightmares. Before southern Barbecue rib recipes made their way up to New England in the Seventies, i remember as a kid having to eat spare ribs for dinner. They usually came with apple sauce or sauerkraut. That’s it. It was disgusting. I can live with Levern and Shirley shows. But not boiled spare ribs.