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The blossoming of Boston’s core Downtown

Whether you call it Downtown Crossing or Midtown or Downtown or just the Washington Street area, the once rather seedy, rundown section of Boston’s old retail district is really taking off.

The Globe has a big front page spread on all the changes, including a terrific graphic showing all the current or planned new buildings and renovations: One Bromfield (28 stories); Filene’s Development (60 stories); 8 Winter Steet (50 apartments); 1-4 Winter Street (restaurant and apartments); 59 Temple Place (hotel); 2 Avenue du Lafayette (retail and restaurants); Millennium Place (15 stories of condos) and One Kensington (29 stories of residences).

And that’s just one neighborhood that’s transforming in Boston. It doesn’t include all the projects in the Seaport, Fenway, Back Bay, South End, and East Boston neighborhoods, etc.

As for all the different names out there, we prefer Midtown, for totally selfless and objective reasons, of course.