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Banned in Boston: Billboards

The city has banned billboards in the neighborhoods of Beacon Hill, Back Bay, Kenmore Square and the Financial District.

Some may applaud this — and we can see how billboards can easily become an ugly addition to residential and historic districts like Beacon Hill and the Back Bay. But do Kenmore Square and the Financial District really have “residential and historical aesthetics” that need to be preserved from billboards? Isn’t this the city that’s made the giant neon Citgo sign in Kenmore Square a virtual iconic landmark? Hasn’t the mayor signaled that he wants the Theater District to be a Times Square-like sea of blinking neon lights?

There’s definitely a need to restrict billboards. But banning them entirely outside the borders of obvious residential and historic neighborhoods seems to be going a little too far.

One Response to Banned in Boston: Billboards

  • We said!

    The truth is, The City/Menino/BRA is a major player in the outdoor advertising industry. The Theatre District Digitals, The Convention Center Digital, and The Innovation Center Digital Sign displays are all on City ois also planning the largest proliferation of outdoor advertising Boston has ever seen in the exact districts that they now prohibit private property owners from doing the same thing. Its just HYPOCRITICAL!