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Meet Charles Street’s ‘Pop-up Guy’

The Globe has a fun story on all the temporary “pop-up shops” popping up on Beacon Hill, the Back Bay and elsewhere this holiday season.

Pop-up shops, which open for a few weeks in vacant retail store space, now include Piknik Art & Apparel (“home of international style and contemporary art”) at 70 Charles Street and Flowering Rock (“medicinal, botanical teas. Tiles and tapestries too”), also at 70 Charles Street. Other nearby pop-up shops are on Newbury, Tremont and Stuart streets.

Also known as “flash retailers,” pop-ups are a great business concept for smaller retailers who can’t afford long-term leases and yet need some storefront exposure. Landlords and neighborhoods also benefit from not having ugly vacant storefronts during key shopping periods.

Here’s a brief history of pop-up retail.

File under: Smart idea