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The battle over Boston’s ‘Parcel 9′

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The state is thinking of putting out to the highest bidder a piece of public land abutting the Rose Kennedy Greenway near Haymarket, otherwise known as Parcel 9. Some people rightly aren’t happy.

They’re rightly unhappy because we just spent billions of public dollars on the Big Dig, with the hope the final Greenway would be something that everyone can be proud of and use. The state can’t obviously just give the property away. But it also shouldn’t just give it to the highest bidder either, even if the choice comes down to two contenders.

They need to find a better common-sense balance between the two extremes — and listen more to community preferences.

File under: Just do it –right

P.S.: The embattled head of the Greenway Conservatory is leaving for another job in California. In an argumentative town like Boston, heading the conservatory was never going to be easy. But she and board members didn’t help matters with their controversial compensation and donation policies.