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Boston 2013: It’s going to be an awesome development year

Boston condos

Boston condos

Here’s an excellent overview piece that tracks the 12 largest private developments now under way in Boston as we enter 2013.

The numbers are almost staggering: $2.7 billion in construction at 12 locations with the final goal of producing about 2,157 housing units, not to mention all the extra retail, office and lab space included within the totals.

Of the 12 biggest projects, eight of them are either primarily apartment or condo developments. Among others, they include Millennium Place ($220 million – 256 units); 100 Pier 4 ($195 million – 369 units); the Kensington ($188 million- 381 units); 120 Kingston ($127 million – 240 units).

The Victor ($92 million – 286 units) is the furthest along in construction and is already touting its opening later this year along the Greenway.

Remember: These numbers comprise only the top 12 development projects. Dozens of other developments have also begun construction, or have been approved by the BRA, or are currently in the review pipeline. It’s incredible.

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One Response to Boston 2013: It’s going to be an awesome development year

  • It’s good to see new construction but it seems very few are condos and the big focus is on luxury rentals… Is the vacancy for luxury rentals projected to be really tight 5 years out or could we be headed for a luxury rental struggle in a few years??