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Long vacant Beacon Hill storefront to see new life

beacon HIll real estate

Beacon Hill real estate

A long dormant storefront at 31 Phillips Street could be finally coming back to commercial life. From the Beacon Hill Times:

“Michelle Nolan, an occupant of the eight-unit apartment building at Anderson and Phillips streets and legal guardian for its owner, said she intends to use a 276 square-foot area on the ground level to accommodate a real estate or other professional firm.

“If the plan comes to fruition, Nolan pledged to use rent income to finance the rehabilitation of the building’s exterior, and she also agreed to enter into a good-neighbor agreement with the Civic Association.”

For years, the old storefront entryway was dominated by crumbling woodwork, cage-like window protectors, and ancient City Hall election signs and posters dating back to the Kevin White days, maybe even the John Collins or John Hynes years, if we recall correctly. Recent improvements have been nice.