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Peabody, Mass.: One of America’s top housing markets

Here’s a survey touting the 10 best U.S. housing markets for 2013.

Some of the usual suspects are there — San Francisco and a whole bunch of cities in Texas, etc, etc.

But there it was, at #8, our very own … Peabody, Massachusetts. You might be wondering: Peabody? Peabody? Yes, Peabody!

The city’s certainly doing something right. Look at the population of Peabody over the past century and think about how certain other Bay State cities (like — cough, cough cough — Boston ) have actually lost populations over the past 100 years.

So Peabody it is.

Update – Robert, in the comments section, makes a good point about how this is for the entire metro area surrounding Peabody, something that wasn’t clear in the article. But we’re still glad Peabody is getting its day in the media sun.

One Response to Peabody, Mass.: One of America’s top housing markets

  • ” ***Note that Peabody MA refers to the Essex County metropolitan division, which includes the suburbs north of Boston, with a population of 740,000. “