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Back Bay residents gear up to fight Fisher College’s expansion

Fisher College’s recent purchase of 10-11 Arlington Street appears to be the last straw for Back Bay residents, who are now vowing to not only push back against the college but to push the school entirely out of the Back Bay.

The college — which now owns a surprisingly large chunk of the Bay Bay area at the corner of Arlington and Beacon streets — better not underestimate the mood of residents.

In the 1990s, Emerson College was squeezed out of the Back Bay, under pressure from residents, and effectively relocated to the mid-town area. Recently, Suffolk University fought — and lost — protracted battles to expand on Beacon Hill. Suffolk is now shifting many, if not most, of its college operations to the Downtown Crossing area.

If we were betting people (and we are), we’d place a long-term wager on Back Bay residents winning this fight against Fisher College. The history of residential opposition to college expansions in the Back Bay and on Beacon Hill doesn’t exactly favor Fisher.

2 Responses to Back Bay residents gear up to fight Fisher College’s expansion

  • Why do these neighborhoods dislike colleges moving in so much? Is it just the influx of kids ruins the neighborhood or something about the college itself causes other property values to decline?

  • As a Back Bay condo owner my issue w/ colleges is that they pay no property taxes. Along with the issues Dell Jordan mentioned.