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Massachusetts Realtors: Market confidence is at record high

From the Massachusetts Association of Realtors:

April 18, 2013 – The Massachusetts Association of REALTORS® (MAR) reported today that both the REALTOR® Market Confidence Index (RMCI) and the REALTOR® Price Confidence Index (RPCI) hit all time highs in March. With the number of homes for sale declining, REALTOR®-members who responded to the survey said they are seeing an increase in multiple-bid offers, but that single-bid offers are still just as common.

In March 2013, the REALTOR® Market Confidence Index was 75.52, which was up 52 percent from the March 2012 score of 49.54. This is the second straight all-time high for the RMCI and the 20th straight month of year-over-year increases.

Scott notes that previous reports of bidding wars breaking out here may have been overblown — but that could change very soon.

One Response to Massachusetts Realtors: Market confidence is at record high

  • Really? The press over-hyping the real estate situation? To paraphrase Capt. Renault, I am shocked – shocked! – to find that behavior is going on here!

    Actually, what’s really shocking is it was none other than MAR that came clean and provided the data. Maybe someone’s learned that spinning the data to obscure the truth a la Lerah and the heyday of NAR isn’t a sound long term strategy. Good for MAR, nice to see that kind of integrity in the industry. Now if the press could just reign in their desire to make a mountain out of every molehill in their relentless drive to whip up reader frenzy, maybe we could get back to a rational, healthy market.