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Officially sighted: The first “housing bubble” warning

Boston real estate

Boston real estate

Remember how many people kept predicting that we had “hit the bottom” during the recent housing market collapse — only to see the market hit a new low a month later? The bogus predictions literally went on for years, even becoming a running joke.

Of course, some of the forecasters were eventually proved right, like a stopped clock being right twice a day, as the market seemed to have finally hit bottom some time last year.

But now some forecasters are seeing — yes! — a “housing bubble” in current stats.

You read it here first: The first official sighting of a “housing bubble” warning, sort of like a bird watcher spotting a rare yellow bellied eremomela high up on a mountain peak. It’s so exciting!

File under: Yellow bellied eremomelas

Update: Housing prices rose last month across the US. So it’s true! It’s a housing bubble!

Update II: It’s a Tulip Bubble!

4 Responses to Officially sighted: The first “housing bubble” warning

  • Question: What do you see happening to the market when interest rates get back up to 8% or so? Granted it may be a couple years but we will hit those rates again.

  • actually, @fava___ called it first for Boston on twitter!

  • Confused, I think you already know the answer to that question. the new bubble will bust.

  • Ben claims he’s not raising rates until the unemployment rate hits 6.5% and I don’t see that happening in the near future