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‘The 45 best restaurants in America’

Granted, it’s one of those silly ranking lists they seem to always come up with.

But having a list of the top 45 restaurants in the country with only one from New England (#26 Fore Street in Portland, Maine) while including the Shake Shack chain in New York? Yikes.

These days, we’ll take any restaurant in the Back Bay over any of the listed eateries above — because they’re staffed with good people and they need our help.

So don’t forget: Get over to the Back Back and start shopping till you drop and eat until you can’t have a thin mint more.

Update – We couldn’t resist. Above is Mr. Creosote from the famous Monty Python thin-mints skit. It’s so brilliantly stupid.

Another update — By Shake Shack causal-fare standards, we’d also prefer Pepe’s Pizzeria in New Haven and the Barking Crab in Boston. But we’ll just stick with Back Bay eateries for now.

Yet another update — Shake Shack may be coming to Harvard Square. Count us among the less than impressed.