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Even Cambridge says ‘no’ to bomber burial

Even the People’s Republic of Cambridge is saying ‘no’ to burying marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev in its city cemetery.

It’s totally understandable, considering that one of Tsarnaev’s last acts in life was to brutally execute an innocent MIT police officer in Cambridge.

But the entire saga is still so weird and even sad. No one wants the guy even in death. Not even cemeteries. Not even his big-talking parents in Russia.

Update – His mother now says she wants him buried in Russia. Fine. Some activists are apparently raising money to help send the body home. Also fine.

One Response to Even Cambridge says ‘no’ to bomber burial

  • It is bizarre… I think it’s pathetic that his parents won’t come here and take care of his remains. His uncle and the funeral director at least are stand up people willing to take care of things. And those protesting the funeral home are ridiculous – I mean, good grief people, his remains have to go SOMEWHERE.