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Beacon Hill fight escalates over the demolition of 124 Chestnut Street

The Globe has a big story this morning on the ongoing battle over developer Dean Stratouly’s decision to tear down his 148-year-old row house at 124 Chestnut Street on Beacon Hill, after the city authorized him to demolish what it said was an unsafe structure.

Stratouly, who bought the house for $2.3 million in January, said the property is dangerous and beyond hope of renovation as it currently and fragilely stands today.

Critics say such a demolition is unprecedented within the historically-protected Beacon Hill district and they whisper that Stratouly, co-founder of the Congress Group, somehow used his clout at City Hall to get the OK to demolish the building, the Globe reports.

Stratouly is firing back by launching his own web site,, and trying to explain why the demolition is necessary.

The fight against the demolition may already be moot. On his web site, Stratouly shows a photo of “demolition in progress” (see last photo in link, dated just yesterday, July 13), and so it’s unclear where this battle is going.

Stay tuned.

Photo above via Stratouly’s web site. You can see the early protective scaffolding outside the building, in a photo apparently taken in April.