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Harvard releases latest Allston Master Plan – and it’s big

Banker & Tradesman reports that Harvard University late last week filed its latest long-term Master Plan for its new Allston campus.

A number of long-term developments caught our attention, even though we think they may have already been out there in the public:

1.) A hotel and conference center along Western Ave. near the Charles River. (See purple bubble on the right of the map, which you can click on for a closer look.  The football stadium is toward the top left).

2.) A new “basketball venue” near the Harvard Stadium area to accommodate the school’s suddenly competitive men’s basketball program (only 3,000 seats, though).

3.) About 200,000 to 300,000 square feet of residential housing.

4.). A so-called “Gateway” mixed-use project, at 300,000 square feet, at North Harvard Street and Western Avenue.

File under: You still can’t park your car in Harvard Yard