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Hub landlords to storm City Hall! – with a new update

It’s going to be bigger than the Boston Tea Party. Bigger than the storming of the Bastille.

Hub landlords, already in open revolt over the new apartment-registration ordinance and its absurd fees, are now planning a protest this Monday at City Hall.

We can just envision it now: The mayor and city councilors cowering in their barricaded offices, riot police and National Guard troops called out to maintain order, hordes of citizens wildly cheering on the heroic landlords as they bravely surge into the brutalist fortress to present their grievances.

It’s going to be glorious!

File under: Freedom fighters!

Update -- There they are. Freedom fighters. Thousands of them. OK, would you believe hundreds? Ah, how about handfuls of them? … Anyway, seriously, they’re fighting the good fight. This is is a tax, not a fee. And it’s going to be a tax the city will periodically raise to pay for other city services. So good for the protesters.

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