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The hyper-fast tempo of today’s housing market


Scott digs up some interesting data about how homebuyers are under so much pressure in today’s housing market:

Just under a third of homes across the country are snagging buyers within two weeks, according to Redfin.

But in Boston, buyers face even more of a push to act quickly – not the greatest thing when you are weighing what is likely to be the biggest financial commitment you will never make.

The number of Boston listings that sold under two weeks in October topped 40.2 percent, with the pace even picking up a bit from September, albeit slightly, from 40.1 percent in September.

That’s marked change October 2012, when just 13.4 percent of Boston homes were going under contract within two weeks. (Some of that may be due to a shift in how MLS PIN counts pending sales, which recently changed and had under
counted pending sales, but still.)