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Building a new toll bridge to the Cape?

Boston Development

Boston Development

Here’s an odd but intriguing idea being floated around: Building a private new “twin” toll bridge to and from the Cape Cod, presumably next to the Sagamore Bridge.

Or at least that’s the way we read the story. Only those willing to pay could theoretically use the bridge.

It’s probably not going to happen. The DOT commissioner certainly doesn’t seem excited, calling it pure speculation (we’re surprised he didn’t slip and use the word “fantasy”).

So it may be a true Bridge to Nowhere, conceptually speaking.

Still, once upon a time, there were indeed private road and bridges that builders charged tolls to use. The idea is worth exploring, at the least theoretically. The idea would then simply slip away, sort of how we hope another costly fantasy, i.e. a future Boston Olympics, will simply disappear one day soon too.

Photo via Wikipedia Commons.