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Breaking news: Pepe’s Pizza coming to Boston

OK, more non-housing news, but this one is big: Pepe’s Pizza of New Haven is reportedly planning to open a shop in Boston.

Anyone who’s been to the original Pepe’s in New Haven knows it has first-class, old-school, delicious thin-crust pizza. And, yes, we’re talking Santarpio’s style and level of pies, arguably even better.

Pepe’s has branched out before, in Connecticut and New York, and we can’t say for sure whether the quality of their pies outside of New Haven hold up to the high standards set by the original shop. Without being cynical, they probably don’t. Restaurants usually mess up the quality and standards when they become chains, albeit even small chains.

But we’ll soon see. … Original scoop via Eater Boston.

File under: When the moon hits the sky like a big pizza pie …