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‘Endangered species’: Boston condos for less than $500K

Boston Condos

Boston Condos

The Herald has crunched some numbers and come to the conclusion that cheap condos in Boston are going the way of the dodo birds:

“The number of Boston condominiums for sale for under $500,000 has plummeted by 84 percent over the past four years, leaving many people priced out of the market, statistics show.

“There were 424 active condo listings in the city as of March 10, and only 178 — 42 percent — were priced at less than $500,000, according to the Greater Boston Association of Realtors. In 2010, 1,145 of the 1,836 condo listings — or 62.4 percent — were in that price range.”

Of course, five years ago was near the depths of the recession and the housing market hadn’t really begun to recover yet. But we get the picture.

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