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Neighbor from Hell … or Little House of (Pet) Horror?

Boston condos

Boston condos

They’re not going to be selling this Lynnfield home anytime soon:

From the outside, it is a fairly nondescript single-family house, two stories of fading red siding on a busy street, with a lawn that could use a little love.
But inside, police responding to a medical emergency found a horrifying secret, one of the largest cases of animal hoarding to hit the area in recent memory.

Animal welfare officials removed 199 animals from the small house, including 77 cats, 81 birds, and 27 dogs. Four of the dogs were puppies born just weeks before. …

Inside the home she had shared with her husband, Leonard Miville, were animals in crates and cages stacked to the ceiling, feces thick on the floors, and an odor so strong that it made breathing extremely difficult, authorities said.

Most of the animals have been removed. Some had to be put down.

And, btw, think of the fumigation bills.

Can they ever sell this house again?