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Charles Ponzi’s old Lexington home for sale at $3.3M

The former Lexington home of perhaps the most famous con man ever, the one and only Charles Ponzi, is now on the market for $3.3 million.

It’s the first time the 16-room home, built in the early 1900s, has been publicly listed for sale. Prior sales were apparently handled privately and discreetly, for whatever reasons.

By all accounts, the home was beautiful when Ponzi briefly lived there — and it’s beautiful to this day.

House photo via Hammond Residential. Ponzi photo via WikiMedia Commons. Fyi: That’s a diamond studded walking stick he’s holding, purchased during the height of his fame as an investor and before the infamous collapse of his scheme. Compared to Bernie Madoff, Ponzi was a sort of lovable rogue, a true psychopath who couldn’t comprehend the pain he caused, yes, but at least an almost joyous and comical psychopath. He also had good tastes in real estate.

2 Responses to Charles Ponzi’s old Lexington home for sale at $3.3M

  • Speaking of Mr. Ponzi, he ran his Ponzi scheme out of an office in downtown Boston at 27 School Street. However, there is no historical placard at the location even though School Street gets a great deal of tourist foot traffic. Is there some way to get this unfortunate situation fixed?

  • That’s a great idea. Anyone have an idea how to proceed? Maybe call a city council member.