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The Cape’s very long housing-market recovery

Here’s a story about how the national vacation-home market is starting to pick up.

From the data we’ve seen, there’s also been an impressive uptick in real-estate activity on the Cape, with some homes going for big bucks.

But other recent data we’ve seen, from the Warren Group, suggests the Cape and even the Islands have a way to go to catch-up to their pre-recession peak levels. Brewster’s median home prices were still down 12 percent from pre-recession highs as of late last year. Others include Barnstable (down 11.7 percent), Sandwich (down 12.5 percent), Falmouth (down 13.2 percent) and Orleans (down 14.6 percent).

It’s not too surprising. Before vacation-area housing markets can recover, the general national and state economies have to recover first and people have to get back on their financial feet before they can even consider buying (or renting) a second home.

But the Cape will bounce back soon, likely this year, in many if not most towns.

File under: Pass the hot dogs … Speaking of which: Mmmm. Hot dogs. See below. Oooooo. Summer. Barbecues. Right around the corner.

Map via Wikimedia Commons.