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The haves and have-not towns in Massachusetts

Boston condos

Boston condos

The Globe had an real-estate story yesterday pointing out the differences between the core Boston metropolitan area’s housing market vs. places outside Route 128.

The core area is incredibly hot, exacerbated by extremely tight inventories of homes for sale. It’s so tight, that 30 communities now have median home prices sometimes well above their pre-recession peaks, as demand outstrips supply and drives up prices.

Some of the top real-estate markets are Cambridge (27.9 percent above 2005 peak prices for the area), South Boston (26.6 percent), Jamaica Plain (26.6), Somerville (26. percent) and Charlestown (20 percent).

At the very bottom is Brockton, where housing prices are still more than 30 percent off of 2005 prices.

But even in areas outside 128, competition for housing is fierce in some pockets, such as in Andover and elsewhere.

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