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East Boston leads state in first-quarter housing market performance

The BBJ has excellent rankings of how the housing markets performed in the first quarter in towns and neighborhoods in Massachusetts.

At the very top of the list is East Boston, where prices have soared by 15.6 percent over the past year. The No. 2 spot went to the town of Sharon, which was recently named Money Magazine’s best small town to live in, a designation that appears to have really helped sales in that town.

Following is a short list of other city neighborhoods from the BBJ 1st Q rankings, keeping in mind that the newspaper’s market assessments are based on a number of metrics that it explains. Definitely check out the full list of towns and neighborhoods. Here goes with some Boston neighborhoods:

— Fenway: Housing prices up 12.6 percent year-over-year by the end of the first quarter.
— Allston: Up 11.8 percent
— South Boston: Up 10.6 percent
— Charlestown: Up 11.7 percent
— Hyde Park: Up 12.1 percent
— Back Bay: Up 11.7 percent
— Mattapan; Up 12.9 percent
— Roxbury: Up 9.5 percent
— South End: Up 11.5 percent
— J.P.: Up 9.5 percent

To see other towns and neighborhoods, simply click “search” after the BBJ story on Sharon.