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Pictures of ‘Troy Boston’ construction in the South End

As promised, here’s some more photo from our recent visit to the booming Harrison Avenue area of the South End. Yesterday it was the Ink Block.

Today it’s photos of the new $185 million Troy Boston mixed-used project (378 apartment units, retail and parking) on Traveler Street, right across the road from Ink Block. Troy Boston is being built by Normandy Real Estate Partners.

Above, is a photo taken from Albany Street. Notice the Planet Storage’s soon-to-be obscured Killer Whale Mural.

Below, a close-up of the construction site and mural:

Fyi: The name ‘Troy’ comes from the district’s past history as an area used by the Boston & Albany Railroad. Most of the streets in the area were once named after upper-state New York towns and cities, before urban renewal in the 1950s.