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The historic Market Basket protests

To veer completely off the subject of real estate, the ongoing saga at the Market Basket supermarket chain is really an amazing story, arguably the top local story now unfolding in Boston.

The thousands of employees, who are not unionized, are literally bringing the company to its knees. They are doing it without union help. Indeed, they’re dismissing offers of help from unions, saying they don’t need or want unions.

No matter where the truth lies in this complicated story, we think this showdown will probably be studied by labor academics for years to come. It’s simply an extraordinary event, involving a dysfunctional family who owns the company and employees who generally care about the company, perhaps too much.

Somewhere, the whole issue of continually squeezing employees around the country, or their fears of being squeezed, is at the heart of this massive protest, not who’s actually right or wrong in the DeMoulas family feud.