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Is Dorchester the next Southie?

Scott has the housing stats that show Dorchester, which is really a series of neighborhoods within a neighborhood, may well be on its way to becoming the next South Boston in terms of professionals flooding into the area (or the next Jamaica Plain, if you prefer that comparison).

There are indeed some incredible, way under-valued sections of Dot.

Update: And, btw, here’s why many people will continue to migrate outward from the downtown. A one-bedroom apartment for $3,800? … Hello, Dot!

A truly dumb condo rule — and a truly dumb condo fight

The Herald is doing what it does best: Stirring up a controversy over a Fort Point condo-association controversy involving a guy hanging the American flag in his unit’s front window, despite a condo-association rule that says all window curtains must be white.

One is tempted to dismiss the Herald story and the entire matter.

But reading the story, you stumble upon this:

Michael Avery, declined comment, while the rest of the (condo) board did not respond to messages seeking comment yesterday. Avery, a Suffolk University Law School professor, made waves in 2011 when he called it “shameful” to support “men and women who have gone overseas to kill other human beings” in an email to colleagues in response to a campus care package drive for U.S. troops. In the same email, Avery also complained about an “oversized flag” in a university lobby.

OK, we’re no longer talking about a dumb condo rule established by the modern, hipster versions of the Lace Curtain Irish and their obsession with appearances. We’re starting to talk about something else here beyond a dumb condo rule.

File under: Dumb

‘City sponsored tree vandalism’

Via Adam Gaffin’s Universal Hub, a concerned citizen catches the city strangling a recently planted sidewalk tree with plastic ties for a parking-ban sign. Asks the accompanying photo’s poster: “If if left the way they are they will literally choke the tree and kill it, losing how many hundreds of dollars per tree? this is nothing short of city sponsored tree vandalism.”

Kiplinger’s Names Boston one of best cities for young adults (meaning, 20-24 year olds)

boston from kiplinger_personal_finance website

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance has released its list of the best cities for young adults, professionals, families, second acts (empty-nesters) and retirees.

Not surprising to any of us who already live here, Boston ranked high, at #3 (only Madison, WI and Austin, TX were ranked higher).

Kiplinger’s analyzed each US major city to determine which satisfied specific requirements, including a strong job market with growth potential, affordable housing for twenty-somethings living on an entry-level salary, and a vibrant social scene. Rental costs and an abundance of restaurants were also factored in.

Boston did well when it came to nightlife/restaurants and health of the job market (we have a much-lower unemployment rate than other US cities) but suffered when it came to cost of living and average apartment rents.

Boston: 43-unit Dorchester condo development up for auction

We just noticed this, so it may not be breaking news, but the DNA Lofts in Dorchester is up for auction on February 24. A full 21 units are described as “an additional phase” not added to the development and require interior buildout. Still, the development includes 22 finished units to go on the block. The auction listing (see link below) says no individual units will be for sale — it’s all or nothing.

For anyone who knows the neighborhood, this is way up near where Columbia Road runs into 93 (very close to South Boston), JFK/UMass is your red line stop. (Thanks to Jon Bowen‘s tweet about this that caught our attention – thanks Jon!)

If you are interested in this development, feel free to give me, John Ford, a call at 617-595-3712 or email me at

See the auction details here (Daniel P. McLaughlin & Co. Auctioneers), and here’s a website for the development.

Boston apartment rentals

Looking for an apartment between now and September 1st? According to MLS there’s still plenty to select from:

Back Bay – 103 apts avail.
Beacon Hill – 53 apts avail.
Charlestown – 24 apts avail.
Dorchester – 108 apts avail.
South Boston – 50 apts avail.
South End – 45 apts avail.
Fenway – 25 apts avail.
Waterfront – 64 apts avail.

Looking for a Boston apartment? Call one of our two Boston real estate offices: Beacon Hill 617-720-5454 or Midtown 617-426-6616.

Please rent these Boston apartments…..


Lets once again take a look at the Boston rental market:

Back Bay – 141 listings
Example: 275 Beacon Street #2B one bedroom – $1,500,00 – 105 days on the maarket.

Beacon Hill – 54 listings
Example: 15 Grove Street two bedroom – $1,800.00 – 161 days on the market.

South End – 72 listings
Example: 75 Chandler Street studio – $1250 – 164 days on the market.

This could be a long, long fall and winter for Boston landlords.

Looking for Boston condo or apartment

The Local Trick-or-Treating Index

Cambridge real estate agent Liz Bolton politely objects to real estate tracker’s methodology for determining the best candy-rich Halloween towns.

Of course density of homes matter, she says. But she adds: “Aim for the neighborhoods with lots of decorations outside – spider webs, door decals, etc. – those will be your Halloween hotspots.”

Ford Realty, after years of combined research and experience in all things Halloween, concurs 100 percent with Bolton’s common-sense advice.

What’s your favorite Halloween hotspot?

Bolton likes East Cambridge. Ford Reality has found, through intrepid research, sections of Arlington to be absolute candy gold mines.

The New Old Colony

The feds have earmarked $22 million for a complete “green” makeover of Southie’s historic Old Colony housing project. Because the money is from the economic stimulus package, one would assume it’s on a construction fast-track. The story says displaced residents will be found new housing during each phase of construction. But where will they go? There might be some rental possibilities here.

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