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To spur housing construction, raise taxes on those vacant lots!

Harvard’s Ed Glaeser says Boston might learn something from NY Mayor Bill de Blasio’s call to raise property taxes on vacant lots in the Big Apple, as a way to get land owners off their butts and develop properties. We have no idea if this is at all applicable to Boston, for we’re admittedly not [...]

Is Dorchester the next Southie?

Scott has the housing stats that show Dorchester, which is really a series of neighborhoods within a neighborhood, may well be on its way to becoming the next South Boston in terms of professionals flooding into the area (or the next Jamaica Plain, if you prefer that comparison). There are indeed some incredible, way under-valued [...]

What’s in a name? Barry’s Corner vs. Allston Square

They’re squabbling about what to call Harvard’s massive new Allston development at what has been called “Barry’s Corner.” But some people want to call it “Allston Square.” Others want to stick with tradition. We’d stick with Barry’s Corner. Even Harvard calls it Barry’s Corner in its 10-year Allston master plan. In the photo above (circa [...]

‘Last-minute looting spree’ called off

There we were, all excited to see what brazen, crony, insider development deals the BRA might approve just days before Marty Walsh became mayor. But now the unusual BRA meeting set for next week has been called off. Bummer. From the ever-blunt Herald: An eleventh-hour BRA meeting that was squeezed in four days before Mayor-elect [...]

Boston area’s home values should fully recover in 2014

Some time in 2014, the Boston area real estate market should finally regain all the value lost following the housing market crash late last decade. The collective value peaked at $604 billion in 2005, then bottomed out at $502 billion in 2011, Scott reports, citing Zillow data via Bloomberg. If the current pace keeps up, [...]

Menino pushes ‘fast track’ approval of projects before he leaves office

This is interesting: The BRA has scheduled an unusual Jan. 2 meeting, just days before Marty Walsh is sworn in as mayor, to apparently handle some last-minute “fast track” development projects before Mayor Menino leaves office. No agenda has been set yet. Marty’s team apparently isn’t happy. So stay tuned.

Former Boston lawyer convicted of mortgage fraud

From the BBJ: A former Boston attorney has been convicted of mortgage fraud involving more than a dozen properties throughout the city’s residential neighborhoods of Dorchester, Roxbury and Jamaica Plain. Charles R. Sammon, 37, of West Pittston, Penn., pleaded guilty before U.S. District Judge Richard Stearns to 13 counts of wire fraud, mail fraud and money laundering, [...]

Flood zone: There’s soon going to be a LOT of angry landowners in Boston

Thanks to FEMA’s new flood-zone map for Boston, there’s going to be a lot of shocked and angry landowners in the city when they get slapped with demands that they have to buy flood insurance. How many properties are we talking about? From the Globe: The proposed maps, released Friday by the Federal Emergency Management [...]

Government Center Garage project OK’d — without condos

The proposed Government Center Garage redevelopment was approved by the city yesterday. The good news: It will have 800 housing units by the end of all the 10 years of construction. The sort of bad news: The units will be mostly, if not entirely, apartments, not condos. At least that’s the way we read the [...]

Suffolk Downs’ new backup plan: A “massive mixed-used” project in Eastie

It seems Suffolk Downs has what might be called a Plan C, not to be confused with Plan A and Plan B, if it can’t build a casino in Revere and if its racetrack falters, which may well happen if a new gambling resort opens soon in the Boston area. From the Herald: Sterling Suffolk [...]

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