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Merry Christmas!

From everyone at Ford Realty, we’d like to wish all our friends and readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays season.

Brighton getting ‘Naked’

A friend in Brighton notes: “There’s a lot of construction activity at the old abandoned gas station on Washington Street about three blocks from Brighton Center. A big green sign announces that this will be a new Naked Pizza store. This would be the first in Boston for the chain (they’re building one in Brookline too). Not sure what makes the pizzas ‘naked’ other than they push lots of healthy key words about their ingredients like ‘prebiotic agave fiber.’ It’s a good location if you want to get student (BC) orders for delivery. Local homeowners are happy to see an eyesore turn into a business. The chain started in New Orleans and has just a few locations. Also, the old ‘Russian pharmacy’ in Brighton Center that sat abandoned for much of 2010 is becoming a new dental center.”

Reminder: It’s Purell season as flu spikes in Boston

Looks like it’s that time of year. Flu cases in Boston ERs doubled in recent weeks, but mostly it the outbreak was among children under five. That usually means (a week or two later) that adults start showing up with the flu. Just remember to keep a bottle of alcohol-based hand sanitizer with you at all times. No, we don’t mean vodka, we mean something like Purell.

Sounds like a snow-job to me

Larry Summers on CNBC: Blame it on the snow.

Remind me to use this excuse if March Boston condo numbers are down.

File under: Between rock salt and hard place.

Kevin Ahearn, Olympic Champion

As we all watch the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games, let us not forget one of our own Back Bay residents, Kevin Ahearn, known for his expertise in the luxury real estate market and president/owner of Otis & Ahearn – and who won the silver medal playing left wing for the ’72 U.S. Olympic Hockey team.

I should also mention that Kevin Ahearn scored a goal against Soviet goaltender Vladislav Tretyak. Although they lost 7-2 to the Russians, the Americans still clinched the silver.

Read more

File under: Silver medal winner – ’72 Olympics.
Gold medal winner – Boston luxury real estate.

Real Estate Lawsuit – Alleges Ernie Boch Jr. Is A Bad Neighbor


The following excerpts are from

A neighbor of Ernie Boch, Jr. yesterday filed a federal lawsuit against him, alleging three years of ongoing renovations and expansion at the Boch estate in Norwood have sent the man into depression and given him asthma.

The suit, filed in US District Court in Boston by Glenn Arrigo and his wife Elise, alleges that near constant noise from construction and a large generator, spotlights shining onto their property and the destruction of large trees along the property line have helped deprive the couple of their Fourth, Fifth and Fifteenth Amendments and that Boch is attempting to coerce them into selling him their property so he can expand his manse even more

Read the complaint

Ugliest buildings


Here’s something new and different: a list of the world’s 15 ugliest buildings – and Boston’s City Hall isn’t even included.

But Matt says City Hall should have been on the list. Some more comments on the good, bad and ugly over at Universal Hub.

PS, City Hall usually makes these types of ugly lists. Not this time. Maybe judges are tired of City Hall dominating contests?

The picture above was ranked as one of the ugliest buildings.

The economy is so bad……..


A blog reader wants to know if I think the economy is in bad shape. Simple answer YES.

The economy is so bad that…….
Better Homes & Garden is changing its name to Mobile Homes & Garden.

The economy is so bad that…….
Tanya Harding is know considered middle class

The economy is so bad that….
Brett Farve is cosidering a comeback just for the free Gatorade.

The economy is so bad that….
The ex-quarterback Michael Vick is now working at Petco.

The economy is so bad that….
Bill Maher is going to church for the free bread and wine.

The economy is so bad that…..
That Jacques bar in Bay Village is considering ladies night (real ladies that is)

The economy is so bad that….
The ChesseCake Factory at Lechmere is changing its name to the Chesse Wiz Factory.

The economy is so bad that….
Brad Pitt asked Angelina Jolie for a receipt for the last kid they adopted.

The economy is so bad that….
Lionel is not even Rich anymore.

The economy is so bad that……
Singer Prince is wearing clothes that he bought off the rack.

The economy is so bad that…..
Boston Ritz Carlton Towers condos are selling at 1/2 price.

I know…..”John, that last wasn’t very funny.”

Source: A guy from Harvard Gardens that stole lines from Jay Leno

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