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BRA approves 503-unit apartment tower near TD Garden

Another day. Another apartment-complex for Boston.

This one is going to be next to the Tip O’Neill federal building and TD Garden in the North Station area — and it’s just the latest housing project slated for the city.

File under: More housing, please

Update — AvalonBay, the developer of the North Station project, has a total of 1,094 apartment units either under construction right now or in the construction pipeline. Pretty impressive.

Lovejoy Wharf now gets a little tax-break love

The developers of Lovejoy Wharf are getting some city tax breaks to help them proceed with the $230 million project, which includes Converse eventually moving hundreds of employees into the future renovated building.

And, boy, does the building need renovation. The tax breaks are expected to offset some of the costs of rebuilding and extending old wharfs for future public use.

Once completed, Lovejoy will include offices, retail, and about 100 residences, all conveniently near TD Garden, North Station, the North End, Faneuil Hall and Charlestown.

File under: Elbow grease

Lovejoy Wharf to get a little love — finally

From the Herald, on the Lovejoy Wharf project approved yesterday by the city:

“The developers will renovate the existing nine-story building at 160 North Washington Street with 187,000 square feet of office space — reportedly for incoming tenant Converse — and ground-floor retail including a 300-seat cafe-style restaurant. One floor will be added.

“The adjacent 131 Beverly St., a “virtually condemned” structure that’s fenced off, will be demolished and replaced with a 14-story residential tower with about 100 units.”

As you see in the photo above, Lovejoy Wharf definitely needs a little love. The project had been stalled for a while and new developers ultimately had to step in. Let’s hope it gets done this time around.

File under: Love it

North End vocational school conversion plan update

The North Bennet Street School, a private North End vocational school, is scrambling to come up with enough cash and final approvals in order to convert the old BPD and printing buildings into a new venue for its students.

The city and the school have agreed to a cross-neighborhood land swap in which the city gets the old North Bennet Street School property in exchange for the school acquiring most of the old BPD and printing facilities.

They’ll probably get the deal and conversion done in time, though it’s going to be a rush to the finish line.

Fyi: The somewhat famous front of the old BPD building with the golden dome cuppola, next to the entrance of the Callahan Tunnel, is not being taken over by the school. The back end of the entire facility is being taken over (see the side view photo above and the aerial photo below).

The North Bennet Street School even has a blog that’s chronicling the switchover to its new North End facility.

Sounds like a smart move for both the city and school.

AvalonBay boosts number of apartments at planned North Station site

AvalonBay has taken over the development rights next to TD Garden in the North Station area — and they’re planning to dramatically increase the number of apartments there.

Boston Garden Development Corp. previously had plans to develop about 363 apartments, but that proposal never got off the ground. Enter AvalonBay, which took over the development rights and which now plans 503 units.

Boston has seen so many apartment developments in recent years. But it still kind of boggles the mind that 503 units will suddenly be there one day in the North Station area. That’s a lot of people and a lot of street life and a lot of business.

And it’s most welcome.

City OKs new hotel and apartment complex near TD Garden

This just in from the Herald:

“The Boston Redevelopment Authority approved revised plans for the Merano, a $165 million project consisting of a 210-room hotel and 230 apartments in the Bulfinch Triangle.The building will be constructed on a Central Artery air-rights parcel between Causeway Street and the Rose Kennedy Greenway, near the TD Garden.”

Former North End police station put out for bid proposals

The city of Boston has quietly asked for bid proposals for a pair of surplus North End buildings, including the gateway old police station at 150 North Street.

The Herald reports a number of developers are eying the properties for either condos/apartments or possibly a new location for a neighborhood trade school. Both are good ideas. But we have suggestion: How about a new museum? Wasn’t there a proposal out there for some sort of Boston history museum, tied to the city’s innovative industrial history, near the Haymarket station? Maybe the old BPD building is too small. But it sure looks like an old museum. It’s just an idea.

The other property put out to bid is a nearby warehouse that used to be the city’s printing facility.

File under: Buon Anno!

Trinity cans supermarket idea in North End area

It looks like a long-sought supermarket for the North End area isn’t going to happen.

Trinity Financial has yanked the supermarket component from its design for a new 320-unit apartment complex in the Bulfinch Triangle area, in between Canal and Washington Streets. Nearby residents aren’t happy. They really wanted that store.

Hey, there’s a Whole Paycheck store just a few blocks away toward Cambridge Street. What’s wrong with schlepping through knee-deep snow to pay hedge-fund manager prices for food essentials?

Joe Tecce’s to build 32 luxury condos in North End

The owners of the struggling Joe Tecce’s restaurant want to build 32 luxury condos at its 61 North Washington Street site in the North End. They say they need to do it to avoid bankruptcy.

Hmm. Other developers are moving away from luxury condos and toward rental apartments. But Joe Tecce’s is bucking that trend? Do they know something that other developers don’t know?

God bless ‘em and good luck to ‘em. They’re going to need it, though brand new condos in the North End and along the Greenway would obviously be attractive units.