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Membership has its privileges

golf club

From the Globe:

For the second time in as many months, federal authorities have charged members (of Oakley Country Club in Watertown) with trading on inside stock information that they picked up at the club. This time, it involved Eastern Bank’s 2010 acquisition of Wainwright Bank & Trust Co., of Boston.

The historic Market Basket protests

To veer completely off the subject of real estate, the ongoing saga at the Market Basket supermarket chain is really an amazing story, arguably the top local story now unfolding in Boston.

The thousands of employees, who are not unionized, are literally bringing the company to its knees. They are doing it without union help. Indeed, they’re dismissing offers of help from unions, saying they don’t need or want unions.

No matter where the truth lies in this complicated story, we think this showdown will probably be studied by labor academics for years to come. It’s simply an extraordinary event, involving a dysfunctional family who owns the company and employees who generally care about the company, perhaps too much.

Somewhere, the whole issue of continually squeezing employees around the country, or their fears of being squeezed, is at the heart of this massive protest, not who’s actually right or wrong in the DeMoulas family feud.

Remember: Memorial Day is about remembering

Boston condos

Boston condos

We want to wish BREB readers a very happy and relaxing Memorial Day weekend. May your first grilled hot dogs of the season be your finest grilled hot dogs of the season.

But, obviously, remember: Memorial Day is also about remembering.

We thought we’d point out this book that’s getting rave reviews about World War I and its last 100 days, when American troops were finally and fully engaged. This year is the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the ‘Great War,’ so this book and subject matter seem particularly appropriate this Memorial Day weekend.

Again, have a great holiday weekend.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

With practically everyone emptying out of Boston for the three-day weekend, we’d thought we’d post our official Memorial Day greetings right now: Happy Memorial Day!

File under: God bless all our veterans and those currently serving in our armed services

‘Farewell, Fung Wah’

The most emailed item over at WBUR today is this story about the above video, an ode to the now departed Fung Wah bus line, sung to altered lyrics from Bob Dylan’s “Farewell Angelina.” It’s a hilariously stupid video.

File under: Sniff, sniff … farewell, Fung Wah, farewell

The signs your financial advisor is a psychopath

How can you not dive into a story like this one, which over at RealClearMarkets headlined it: ‘The signs your financial advisor’s a psychopath.’

Anyway, here are some of the signs your financial advisor, most certainly not your real estate agent, may be a psychopath:

1. Egocentricity
2. Grandiosity
3. Lying and deceptiveness
4. Manipulativeness
5. Shallow emotions
6. Lack of empathy
7. Lack of remorse
8. Willingness to violate social norms
9. Irresponsibility
10. Impulsivity

Fyi: Following is the Free Dictionary’s definition of psychopaths: Psy-cho-path n. A person with an antisocial personality disorder, manifested in aggressive, perverted, criminal, or amoral behavior without empathy or remorse.

You can also call them sick puppies if you want.

File under: Bernie Madoff

Big snow storm coming: French Toast Alert System set at ‘Severe’

Universal Hub’s Adam Gaffin has activated his French Toast Alert System to its highest level this year, “Severe,” the equivalent of DEFCON 1, due to forecasts the area could get up to 18 inches or more of snow this Friday and Saturday.

You’ve been warned.

Fyi: Adam’s definition of “severe”:

Nor’easter predicted. This is it, people, THE BIG ONE. Harvey Leonard makes repeated references to the Blizzard of ’78. RUSH to emergency supermarket NOW for multiple gallons of milk, cartons of eggs and loaves of bread. IGNORE cries of little old lady you’ve just trampled in mad rush to get last gallon of milk. Place pets in basement for use as emergency food supply if needed.

French Toast Alert System’s official ‘Severe’ warning below, as seen on Universal Hub.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Remember: It’s a day for giving thanks with family and friends, not being swamped by media and retail types telling you it’s really about something else, i.e. an extension of holiday shopping. Good for the people of Plymouth.

File under: Happy Thanksgiving

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