January can be a great time to search for that Boston condo you’ve been spending so much of 2017 trying to find. f Some buyers may have become destrcted by the onset of  cold weather, snow and this weekend rain. But the good news is tha the competition thins out. And serious Boston condos sellers have less inventory with which to compete.

If you’re a Boston condo buyer looking to put in an offer before the winter ends, it’s an excellent idea to consider Boston condos that have been on the market for 30 days or more. These can sometimes be condominiums that have fallen through the cracks, poorly marketed or over priced andare now willingto negotiate. Perhaps they’ve been in and out of contract once already, and the sellers are ready to make a fast deal. 

Here are five Boston conods that have been on

the makret for 30 days or more  – worth looking at.

  1. 99 Tremont Street, Boston Condo Unit 2018 – $515,000,  83 days on the market.
  2. 27 Bowdoin Street Beacon Hill Condo   $505,000, 100 days on the market.
  3. 28 Summer Street, East Boston condos   $500,000 two condos for sale.

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