Just about everyone in real estate has seen this video.

It’s Allan Dalton, tearing Zillow.com a new one.

Allan Dalton is the new chief of Move.com, which, like Realtor.com, is run by the National Association of Realtors (Move.com is a publicly traded corporation). **

Basically, in the video, he goes on for about ten minutes complaining about Zillow.com, and how its “zestimates” aren’t accurate, and that he, and Realtors, are the only ones who have consumers’ interests at heart. Zillow.com is “dangerous” to the consumer, says Dalton.

There are good reasons to use a real estate agent (Realtor or non-Realtor).

But, really, it’s just what you imagine.

NAR and everyone else is scared to death that their commissions are going to disappear.

Plus, now, Realtor.com and Move.com are afraid they’ll have to compete for consumers’ attention.

The video can be found, here (.mov file).

** Move.com is the old “Homestore.com” website, reimagined, after its past Chairman was found guilty of mistating revenues, (actually, conspiracy, insider trading, making false regulatory filings and lying to auditors), and given a fifteen year jail sentence (currently under appeal).

Rigggght, Alan … Move.com has consumers’ best interests at heart.

(Yes, I did change the headline to this entry. Oh, well.)