From the Boston Business Journal:

Over $5 million in grants from MassDevelopment and the Massachusetts Cultural Council were announced, today.

The grants must be matched one-to-one by the recipient with funds from other sources.

The Berklee College of Music will use a $200,000 grant to transform a historically-significant building at 939 Boylston Street into a café and venue for live student performances.

939 boylston st, cactus club, berklee school

Right now, part of the building houses the Cactus Club restaurant. It’s not clear from the article what Berklee is proposing to do; I assume it will open new space.

The grants, according to the article, are given to organizations for purposes that “increase tourism, create new jobs, leverage private funding and expand arts and cultural activities in communities across the state.

Source: Grants feed growth of creative economy – Boston Business Journal

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