Boston Real Estate for Sale

We’re #1!

CNN has come out with a list of six cities where you might want to consider buying real estate (Boston, in this case, meaning “Greater Boston”, based on the map that accompanies the story):

One of the first places to experience the downturn, Beantown also appears to be among the first to rebound: In the last quarter of 2007, prices rose 1%. (Yes, because nothing makes you sound like a complete native like calling Boston, “Beantown”.)

Meanwhile, (?!) and have compiled a list of the top ten cities for recent college graduates, and Boston ranks #2!

The “Top 10 Best Cities for Recent College Graduates” research was based on ranking the top U.S. cities with the highest concentration of young adults (age 20 – 24) from the U.S. Census Bureau, inventory of jobs requiring a degree and less than one year of experience from, and the average cost of rent for a one-bedroom apartment from

Here are the 10 best jump-start-your-life cities and the average cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment in them:

* Philadelphia, $962
* Boston, $1,343
* New York, $1,520
* Phoenix, $741
* Chicago, $1,029
* Dallas-Fort Worth, $755
* Los Angeles, $1,435
* Houston, $778
* Detroit, $699
* Atlanta, $773

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