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Condominium sales in the Boston area generally peak in June and slide pretty much for the rest of the summer, so you can see why some would-be Boston condo sellers pull their listing from the market with the idea of re-listing their condo in the fall. So yeah, there are buyers buying and sellers selling during the fall.

Are you hoping to be one of them?

In the last week, I had three clients decide to start looking at houses again. They had put their home search on pause due to COVID-19.

Boston Condos for Sale and Pre-Approval Letters

If you have put your home search on pause and plan to continue it at some point it is important that you keep a current pre-approval letter handy.

More than 60% of houses on the market will get multiple offers with pre-approval letters. There isn’t a lot of time to get an updated pre-approval letter before the house is sold.

An offer without a pre-approval letter is like no offer at all.

Attention Boston Condo Sellers

If you’re looking, why now? If you’re trying to sell, what made you decide to stay on the market — or go on it — during this time of year?

On the flip side, if you’ve decided to stop looking or trying to sell, what was the deciding factor?

Lastly, Beacon Hill real estate agents in my office are telling me they’re very disappointed with the lack of fresh inventory. Are you seeing that? Any responses would be helpful.

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