Today, the Boston Courant came out with their new (revised) real estate section entitled, The Real Estate Guide. Up until now, Boston Homes dominated the paper of choice for those on the prowl for Boston Sunday Open Houses.

The Boston Homes newspaper obtains their Open House data from LINK. The Boston Courant newspaper obtains their Boston Open House data from MLS.

The reason I bring this up, due to the high price LINK now charges for membership many Boston brokers have been opting out of LINK. As a result, not all Boston Sunday Open Houses will be published in the Boston Homes newspaper (because you need to be a member of LINK to publish your Open Houses). For example, Boston Homes newspaper this weeks published 32 Sunday Open Houses in Beacon Hill and the Boston Courant newspaper published 35. The Boston Homes newspaper published 30 Sunday Open Houses for the Waterfront/North End and the Boston Courant published 34.

I know that these numbers may seem insignificant, but as the year goes on I think you’ll see a larger disparity between the two newspapers.

 If your going to be viewing Open Houses tomorrow, I would recommend two things. One pick up the Boston Courant (and also the Boston Homes newspaper) and second, bring your snow boots.

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