The Census Bureau, after being challenged by Boston officials, acknowledged today that it had underestimated Boston’s population and released a new tally that shows the city gained residents in the first half of the decade.

The bureau had earlier estimated Boston had lost some 30,000 residents between 2000 and 2005. But the new tally showed Boston gained about 7,500 residents during that period, increasing its population to an estimated 596,638.

The Census said it revised its estimated tally after city officials submitted new data demonstrating that thousands of new housing units had been built in the city in recent years.


So, all you people talking about a Mass Exodus, I expect revisions and retractions.

That includes all you politicians, economists, college professors, newspaper reporters, etc.

Source: Menino (and Keith) was right: Census estimate wrong, Hub gained population – By Michael Levenson and Yvonne Abraham, The Boston Globe