Boston North End Condos for Sale: Winter 2020

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Are Boston North End Condo Buyer Rebates legal?

Rebates are legal in Massachusetts, buyer rebates are recognized as a legitimate way for brokers to compete for business. Here’s what the Department of Justice says about rebates.

Why do we offer Buyer Rebates?

We offer rebates to help us better compete in a crowded Boston condo for sale market that is dominated by a few more and more by national corporate companies. They have the budgets available to promote their businesses through Google advertising. We’re a local business, family owned. 

Are Boston North End condo rebate taxable?

We are not required to report the amounts of rebates. However, you should speak with your own tax or legal adviser about this as we do not provide tax or legal advice. Here is an IRS letter on this subject.

How are the rebates handled at closing?

The rebate is included in the HUD settlement statement. Generally, the rebate is provided as a credit to settlement costs first. If your rebate exceeds your settlement costs, we will give you a check for the difference.

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