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There are two things that can tie up traffic in Boston: rain and that we the forecast of rain. Sounds funny but it is true and taps into what we called a self-fulfilling prophecy. This same dynamic can also apply to the Boston real estate market.

As we proceed into the 2020 many real estate articles (including here) have been written about the demise of the Boston downtown condo market. Since then, any perceived diminishment of the Boston condo market conjures up people of withdrawing enthusiasm of purchasing a Boston Beacon Hill condominium or Midtown condo.

It is important for potential Boston real estate buyers to hear this and understand that since the beginning of 2020, that according to Google analytics more individuals are searching for the term Boston condos now than they were one month ago. What does this mean? With historic low interest rates, a strong local economy and a shortage of Boston real estate inventory, the outlook for 2020 at the time of this published post, indicates that the 2020 Boston condo market looks strong and healthy for the foreseeable future.

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